Meet Lea:

When people experience trauma or severe stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.  My great passion is bringing healing to individuals who have been through traumatic/stressful experiences.  I help my clients, who include children, teens, adults, couples and families, to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so that they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe.

My main approach to counseling is comprised of skills and techniques derived from Gestalt Counseling Theory.  I specialize in areas including grief counseling, anger management, and play therapy.  I also offer mental health counseling in the following areas: self-harm, ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, “rooted” addiction, PTSD, eating disorders, self-esteem related issues, and ODD.

I believe by gaining awareness of self, feelings, patterns, habits, etc., one can initiate their own process of change.  As Fritz Perls, father of Gestalt therapy said, “Awareness in and of itself is curative.”  I’m more than happy to adjust this approach according to the needs of each individual.

My personal values consist of enjoying the present moment, living with integrity, and exemplifying the traits I encourage in others.  In my free time I enjoy gardening, crafting, and playing co-ed sports.  I truly love meeting people and assisting them in their journey.

Education and Professional Affiliations:

Lea Williams received her undergraduate degree in Art and Psychology from the College of Idaho.  While working as a Community Based Rehabilitation Specialist, Lea attended Northwest Nazarene University and obtained a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling.  Lea is now licensed in Idaho and currently a member of the following professional organizations: Idaho Counseling Association, American Counseling Association, and the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association.