Meet Rebekah:

Having the opportunity to sit down with people and join them exactly where they are in their story is one of the great passions and blessings of my life. I believe whatever struggles someone may be facing, whether anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, shame, grief, broken relationships, or other hardships, it is important that they do not feel alone or hopeless in the pain. My goal as I work with clients is to create a place of safety, trust, and compassion in our relationship and then walk with them through their personal journey toward hope and healing. Since each individual, couple, or family comes to counseling with their own unique history, I want to shape our time to best meet their needs and goals. My approaches primarily draw on attachment based therapy, emotion focused therapy, accelerated experiential/dynamic psychotherapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, play therapy and existential therapy.

When not at work much of my time is spent with my husband out in nature or at home engaging in some sort of creative project while listening to an audiobook or podcast. I place great value on maintaining an emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy lifestyle and keeping strong connections with the friends, family, and community I have in my life.

I graduated from California Baptist University with a BA in psychology in 2011, went on to get my Masters in clinical psychology from California Southern University in 2015,  and hold a current license in the state of Idaho.  Since graduating I have been able to work in a school setting, community agency, church, residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment center, and private practice.